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Dear LLC Members for 風雅集 Day Trips,

LLC’s spring/early summer day trips have been extremely popular in the past years. To better serve our members, we have doubled our day trips from 2 to 4. All are very interesting trips:

• 2/25 Sun- Varner- Hogg Plantation & Sea Center Texas

• 3/24 Sat- Private Guided Tour of Painted Churches of Texas

• 4/07 Sat- Round Top Antique Show

• 5/05 Sat- Spindletop Museum & High Island Birdwatching

The new registration procedures for day trips are as follows:

1. All four trips (flyers attached) are available for members to sign up on the LLC Kick-off day, 02/03/18, at 11:00 am.

2. Only current LLC members (w/2018 paid membership fee) can register for day trips on 02/03. Members should check in at the kick-off registration desk first to receive a wrist band, then proceed to the day trip registration desk in room 102. Each member can sign up for 2 day trips. In addition to oneself, each member can sign up for one other current LLC member on the same trip. If the other person is not present, please get a confirmation of LLC membership payment for that person from the kick-off registration desk.

3. Full payment is required to complete the day trip registration. Please use separate checks for each day trip.

4. Day trips will be open to non-LLC members on a later date. The dates are listed on the flyers. Non-members will pay $10 more each trip.

* Please click here to access jccaa_llc_2018_pre_trip_itinerary_121517.docx
* Please click here to access jccaa_llc_2018_pre_trip_itinerary_121517.pdf
* Please click here to access jccaa_llc_2018_trip_itinerary_121517.docx
* Please click here to access jccaa_llc_2018_trip_itinerary_121517.pdf
* Please click here to access jccaa_llc_2018_trip_Registration_waiver_Form_121517.pdf

    JCCAA 2018 Scholarships announcement    

      Please click the following links:

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         * 2018_Need_Based_Scholarship.doc
         * 2018_Need_Based_Scholarship.pdf
         * 2018_Need_Based_Scholarship_Dr_Ki_Bui_Ma.doc
         * 2018_Need_Based_Scholarship_Dr_Ki_Bui_Ma.pdf
         * 2018_Need_Based_Scholarship_Ling_Family.doc
         * 2018_Need_Based_Scholarship_Ling_Family.pdf
         * 2018_Political_Scholarship.doc
         * 2018_Political_Scholarship.pdf
         * 2018_Press_Release_JCCAA.doc
         * 2018_Press_Release_JCCAA.pdf
         * 2018_Sports_Need_Based_Scholarship.doc
         * 2018_Sports_Need_Based_Scholarship.pdf
         * 2018_Tseng_Ying_Fan_Scholarship.doc
         * 2018_Tseng_Ying_Fan_Scholarship.pdf